Using Power BI to list Enterprise Only SQL Features

Someone recently asked me if there was a list of all the SQL Server “Enterprise Only” features available on the web.  I pointed them to the Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server web page and thought I was done.  He stated that this site was good, but did not provide a simple list of enterprise only features.  I thought for a second, and my thoughts went straight to Power BI.  Why?  Simple, there are tables on the web page, and Power BI can easily extract that data into a data model.  I am not going to go into all those details in this blog post.  Maybe one day, but for now take a look at this interactive Power BI report and let me know what you think.

Power BI Embedded Report (click around)

Eventually, there will be multiple versions available in the Version slicer so calm down.  There is also a Category slicer that can be used to limit the Multi-row card that displays the list of Available Features.  If you find any discrepancy in the list or have any questions or concerns regarding this post please email me at

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